Design and calculate your own wooden decking!

Natural wood
in your home

True wooden
DIY Decking

Finished, oiled decking boards
for single-handed installation – fast without cutting or any tools.

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Have more
than just a one choice

Using the same boards you can mount a plenty of different patterns
– construction of the connectoer allows for free rearrangement of the boards

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GUMI Installed

on thousands

of balconies

Many ways

 of arrangement

Watch the movie

DIY without any tools


Watch the movie


of square meters


Assemble without cutting

7 lengths of the boards

Basic board A7
Supplementary boards A1-A6
To choose of the correct boards all you have to do is just use the CALCULATOR available on our website.
Seven modular boards give you great possibility for covering the whole surface without cutting or hiring any specialized mounting-team.
Without cutting – without waste. Save your money buying only as much sqm as necessary.


GUMI decking is a number of novel solutions and completely new approach to the subject of wooden decking.

Specially designed connector, properly prepared modular boards, modern methods of wood modification, tools for designing available on-line, all of these cause that the true wooden decking is now possible to be mounted by yourself, fast and without any waste of money.

New areas for application: BALCONIES and TERRACES with HYDROINSULATION – everywhere where installation of classic wooden boards have not been possible.

All the innovative solutions are being protected by patent laws in: EU, USA and PRC.

Check our calculator

Simple and smart internet tool allowing for indyvidual design and quotattion of the decking.
Calculator can automaticly count the quantity of the necessary boards and packages and can make the list for particular patterns..