GUMI Decking Parquet now available also in Composite

GUMI Decking Parquet now available also in Composite

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Special, ribbed construction of the board, allows to achieve high stability and durability.
Boards do not need periodical maintenance with oil – like in case of wooden boards.
Composite decking boards can becleared easily by using of pressure washer.
WPC material has implemented colour pigment with UV filter preventing from loose of colour.
Smooth and stiff boards with low weight, withhigh rain, snow and UV resistance at the same time.
Precise and accurate realization, allows for use to the full of all GUMI System advantages.
Ekological material obtained by recycling of used materials.

Choose your style

GUMI Composite is available infive colours! Choose the one, which will suit your style the best:

Dimensions of the boards

Six lenghts of the boards, connecting with each other in any configuration. They allow for assembly of any pattern wihtout cutting. Board C6 determines the base size to which all the rest of boards are suited.
Composite material – highest class
of durability
for outdoor conditions
GUMI Decking boards has21 mm thickness
and ribbed construction
Each board, regardless of
the length, has width of 80 mm
Only31 mm of thickness – including
21 mm of the board. 1 m2 = 14 kg
Board lgh. [mm] th. [mm] wdh. [mm]
C6 500 18 80
C5 416 18 80
C4 332 18 80
C3 248 18 80
C2 164 18 80
C1 80 18 80
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